Artisan Sound Recorders began operations in the sixties, in Pasadena California by a pioneer of music engineering, named Bob McCloud. When records were made, they were just copied from the master tapes to vinyl directly. He was one of the first on the west coast to “master” these tapes to get the best sound to disk. Success soon followed, and through three new addresses’ Artisan eventually ended on Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood. Originally there was only a single mastering
room, which soon turned into
three mastering rooms.
Recent clients,
Top: George Brown
(with engineer
Don Tittle) original
"Kool and the Gang" drummer and hit
song writer.
Bottom: Albert Lee country guitar great
When competition from other rooms caught on, McCloud sold out to Kendun Recorders who owned the Eastlake Audio studio building empire. They had built the newest room at Artisan before they bought the studio and later built a recording room. The rooms were designed by the king of recording studio designers, Tom Hidley. He designed all the Westlake and Eastlake rooms throughout the world, which would eventually number over a hundred, making him the most prolific designer of all time.

Through the years Artisan would win multiple gold and platinum records reaching over one thousand different titles. Because mastering only takes a day or two to complete, like all mastering rooms, the number of records going through really added up. Fortunately for Artisan the number of hits records also went with that trend. Over thirty Grammys and technical merit awards were awarded to Artisan Sound Recorders, which also gave prestige to the studio. Some of the records completed included Peter Gabrials, “So What”, Metalicas fourteen million selling Black Album, four Elton John platinums, the Black Crows, the Jackson Five and on and on.

The studio business being as volatile as it is gave way to different owners through the years. In 1993 Jon Lowry bought the studio from a mastering and digital equipment rental company named C.M.S. Digital. Being a veteran musician engineer, producer with a following of top local musicians. Lowry began to upgrade the equipment to state of the art as it had been in the past. The A room would get solid State Logic G+ console with the latest Ultimation moving fader automation. 48 track analog Studer 827 and Otari MTR90Mk2 machines would dominate the studio. Now there is the new Pro Tools HD Accel 2 to give the state-of-the-art digital editing and recording a prominent place in the studio too.

Top recording artists began to seek out Artisan Sound Recorders, because of great sound and vibe again. Some of hip-hops top acts received grammys for their work mixed at Artisan. Eminem’s first record was mixed at Artisan and credits the studio. Also Bone Thugs and Harmony’s biggest records were mixed 100% at Artisan. Top rock acts like Mr. Big, Santana, and David Lee Roth, and classic acts like the Righteous Brothers and Neil Sedaka worked with Lowry at Artisan. Top jazz acts including Brandon Marseilles group, and piano great Joe Sample, along with fusion Dream Theatre guitarist John Petrucci also created magic at Artisan, just to name a few.

In 2001 Artisan Sound Recorders was moved to Chatsworth California, only twenty minutes from Hollywood. The original room design was kept, except improved for today's sounds. Less bass traps were employed and the control room was made slightly larger for more comfortable atmosphere. The new tracking room has a much higher ceiling with a more live sound and the vocal booth is oversized. Every client, who has tracked or mixed at the Artisan location, loves the sound, look, comfort and competitive pricing of the studio.